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Screencast: Building libsxe March 27, 2011

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Screencast: Building libsxe
Screencast: Click to play HD full-screen

I thought I’d try something new. So here’s a screencast showing how to download, build, and test libsxe on 64 bit Ubuntu. I also explain a bit about the layout of the libsxe source files and the various sub-libraries. Building the release, debug, and coverage targets for libsxe from scratch — including running the well over 1,000 tests on each target and enforcing 100% code coverage — takes about 1 minute 20 seconds in total on my VMware installation of Ubuntu. Quite fast but could be faster. The build is currently executed using consecutive steps. It’s on the ‘to do’ list to parallelize the build and make use of multiple cores to speed things up even more. The tests run so fast already — even on a single core — because we do sneaky things like faking time and mocking system calls to easily reproduce the most difficult to reproduce error conditions.


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